Laminate floor

Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is a popular hardwood alternative choice for budget-conscious homeowners.  Laminate wood floors replicate the look of hardwood species, grains, coloring, and tight tongue-and-groove locking systems to create the realistic appearance and feel of solid hardwood floors.

Some of the advantages of choosing laminate flooring for your home are:

  • Durability: Laminate floors are durable while being both pet-friendly and family-friendly in high-traffic areas.
  • Tough Finish Layer: The top layer is treated to protect the laminate floor from fading, stains, and wear.
  • Cost Effective: Laminate floors are a great hardwood alternative for budget-conscious homeowners.

About Engineered Flooring:

Engineered flooring consists of REAL hardwood layers with either a plywood, medium-density fiberboard or lumber core. It’s extremely stable, which means it’s the perfect floor for any level of the home!

Medium density fiberboard engineered flooring is constructed with a real hardwood veneer atop a moisture-resistant core which is made from real wood fibers that are compressed into a dense, impact-resistant format. In addition to providing extra protection against denting, the MDF enables the most precise milling of the locking profile to enhance ease of use and durability.

Why You Should See Laminate Floor Samples at Home

The color and richness of laminate floor samples will look different in your home than they do in a home improvement store. The harsh lighting that is found in most home improvement stores is very different from the natural light of your home. Store lighting is typically a harsh fluorescent, which can alter the color and appearance of laminate flooring.

For this reason, Jim’s Flooring and Remodeling brings samples right to your home so you won’t have to guess what your laminate floor color will look like in your home’s lighting. Here’s an example of the difference lighting can make:

Some of our samples

Modern Laminate Floor Selection

1. Peridos

2. Morion

3.Tiger’s Eye

4. Eagle’s Eye

5. Citrine

6. Amber

7. Latte Hickory

8. Manhattan Coll

9. Beveled Edge

10. Compress Edge

Traditional Laminate Floor Selection

1. Cambridge Hickory

2. Colorado Hickory

3. Cypress Wood

4. Burled Wood

5. Cherry Wood

6. Dark Amber

7. Brazilian Dark Teak

8. Dark Jatoba

9. Light Jatoba

10. Yellow Oak

Classic Laminate Selection

1. Saffron Hickory

2. Butterscotch Oak

3. Bisque Alder

4. Caramelized Maple

5. Centennial Oak

6. Brownstone Hickory

7. Veranda Oak

8. Cider Applewood

9. Antiqued Pine

10. NEW! Dutch Oak

11. NEW! Woodland Oak

12. Cane Hickory

13. Windblown Pine

14. Stonewash Oak

15. French Country Oak

16. Stately Oak

17. Spiced Tea Maple

18. Rustic Hickory

19. Vermont Maple

20. Amber Hickory

21. Select Birch

22. Cognac Hickory

23. Barnwood Oak

24. Tropical Koa

25. Heartland Oak

26. Tudor Oak

27. Sweet Maple

28. Moonlight Maple

29. Gentry Oak

30. Bridal Pine